Our Practice Areas

Navigating California’s employment laws can be a challenging and frustrating process. At Larsen & Naddour, LLP, we are here to help; with our experience, we can help assist you in making sense of – and ensuring compliance with – even the most recent developments in state and federal laws. We have extensive experience in every phase of the employment litigation process to advise our clients and protect their rights. We work closely with employers to help avoid lawsuits whenever possible. We try to understand your business so that we can provide practical advice while minimizing the burden legal compliance may cause. If you do find yourself in a lawsuit, you can rest assured that we will work efficiently and effectively to resolve the matter as favorably as possible while keeping legal costs down.

We focus our practice on the following areas of employment law:


Employment Policies and Procedures to Avoid Lawsuits

One of the best ways to avoid an employee complaint is implementing policies and procedures that comply with the law. These can include an employee handbook that is reviewed on the first day of employment, a specific termination policy, and a process for reporting workplace harassment. We can help assemble these documents, customized to your business, and ensure compliance with current California employment law. We will help you maintain correct documentation to help you reduce the risk of a claim.

California and Federal Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Lawsuits

Employee lawsuits can be costly, disruptive, and have a significant effect on employee morale. If you are facing a lawsuit related to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or unlawful retaliation, you should retain qualified legal counsel as soon as you can. At Larsen & Naddour, LLP, we approach each case differently. We investigate the claim against your business and work with you to formulate a defense that will resolve the case as favorably as possible.


Wage and Hour Planning and Defense of Lawsuits

State and federal law have specific requirements when it comes to overtime pay, minimum wage, meal/rest breaks, commission pay, and other issues related to employee compensation. Employers may be unaware that their compensation structure runs afoul of labor law. At Larsen & Naddour, LLP, we strive to learn your business so we provide you with legal options and ways to comply with California law. While these details may seem minuscule, our goal is to protect a class action against your business over things that could have been prevented.

Administrative Proceedings Before the Labor Board and Related Agencies

Many disputes related to employment are heard before administrative agencies that conduct quasi-judicial hearings. Although these proceedings do not take place in court, their outcome can have significant legal consequences and the decisions rendered by an administrative law judge could result in significant legal liability. At Larsen & Naddour LLP, we regularly represent employers involved in administrative proceedings and work hard to bring each case to a favorable resolution.


For any of the above-referenced practice areas, contact the Larsen & Naddour LLP to schedule a complimentary case review with our seasoned employment law lawyers.