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As a California employer, compliance with state and federal employment law is difficult but critical. You want to focus on your business, so let us worry about employment law. You won’t see 15 different practice areas on our website. We handle one – employment law. Because we only focus on one area, we know it well. Attorneys Shawn Larsen and Joe Naddour of Larsen & Naddour LLP have been practicing employment law for nearly three decades and focus their legal practice on representing employers in every area of employment litigation.

We work with companies to enact policies and procedures to prevent a lawsuit from ever happening. We counsel our clients on compensation policies, employee handbooks, and the potential termination of employees. If a lawsuit is filed, we passionately advocate and litigate on your behalf.

At Larsen & Naddour LLP, we pride ourselves on forging long-term relationships with our clients and advocating on their behalf. This enables employers to focus their efforts on building their business. Our firm’s goal is to provide effective representation while seeking to limit costs associated with litigation. We are driven to produce excellent results for our clients while providing practical advice in all areas of California employment law.

Practice Areas

We provide effective representation in all areas of employment law


Defense Of California and Federal Wrongful Termination, Discrimination, Harrassment, and Retailation Lawsuits.


Prepare Employment Policies and Procedures to Avoid Lawsuits.


Wage and Hour Planning and Defense of Lawsuits.


Administrative Proceedings Before the Labor Board and related Agencies.